Cheryl Bio

Cheryl has over twenty years experience working in a cubicle.  Cheryl can often be found in the cafeteria or at the ATM machine but has never been sighted in the gym.  Her co-workers love her infectious laugh and go to her for advice on everything from should I go to lunch with my client?  What to say when a client passes gas during a meeting? Is it ok to maintain a list of system passwords under my keyboard? If this Podcast does well, and her kids move out before they are thirty, then Cheryl will be able to retire before she is eighty.  Cheryl attended and graduated from a High School in Northern Virginia.

Cheryl is a single mother of two.  She has a daughter Emmie and a son Max.  She likes to think she is the pioneer of “conscious uncoupling” due to the fact she divorced 19 years ago but remains on friendly terms with her ex.  

Cheryl has the uncanny ability to remember the unimportant and struggles with remembering the important.  At home she often finds herself in the pantry unconsciously eating popcorn while her three dogs bark at each other for no reason. She has experience disciplining kids that are taller than her and is still trying to figure out how to get her kids out of bed in ten tries or less.

When she isn’t going out to eat she enjoys binge watching Netflix under twinkle lights. She owns all the latest gadgets and holds the local record for carrying the most Walmart bags at one time.

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