Carol n Cheryl

Listen to fascinating interviews of random people that Carol has met. Listen to Cheryl talk pop culture as she identifies and analyzes deeper messages that she has found in stories and situations of today. Laugh along as Carol ‘n Cheryl share their own stories and the lessons they’ve learned. Thanks for listening!


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Cindy Sellitto Founder and President of Kim’s Krew joins Carol n Cheryl in this episode. Cindy’s daughter Kim was murdered November 17, 2013. As a way to heal from her tragedy, she started doing small...
March 20, 2021
Lisa joins Carol n Cheryl in the episode and shares her leg amputation story.  She begins with her loose ankle ligaments and proceeds with ankle fusion, ankle replacement, knee replacement and below t...
February 15, 2021
Gail joins Carol n Cheryl in this episode and shares her leg amputation story. Gail worked in the travel industry, and was an active dancer, hiker and swimmer.  She slipped on black ice and her life c...
February 12, 2021
Elaine joins Carol n Cheryl in this episode and talks about her “No Death Experience” after being mangled in a motorcycle accident at the age of fifteen.  She walks us though her out of body experienc...
February 5, 2021
Join Carol n Cheryl in this episode as they explore fetishes.  Find out who likes to be tickled, who was a voyeur for a night and who likes their feet pampered.  They discuss dom daddy’s and a whole l...
January 10, 2021

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