Carol n Cheryl

Listen to fascinating interviews of random people that Carol has met. Listen to Cheryl talk pop culture as she identifies and analyzes deeper messages that she has found in stories and situations of today. Laugh along as Carol ‘n Cheryl share their own stories and the lessons they’ve learned. Thanks for listening!


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Join Carol n Cheryl in this episode as they explore fetishes.  Find out who likes to be tickled, who was a voyeur for a night and who likes their feet pampered.  They discuss dom daddy’s and a whole l...
January 10, 2021
Join Carol n Cheryl as they chat about Christmas with their families, Netflix picks and positive things that happened in 2020.  Cheryl wonders where pop music went. They discuss their note worthy acco...
January 4, 2021
Join Carol n Cheryl in this episode as they walk down memory lane.  When you were a kid did you have an easy bake oven, a hippity hop, hot wheels or an eight track tape player? Laugh along as they rem...
December 18, 2020
In this episode we chat about our Thanksgiving dinners, Christmas plans and Carol’s recent trip to Florida where she may have found the fountain of youth. Rebecca Robenson
December 7, 2020
Please join us in this episode as Carol shares her experience as a Sugar Baby. She begins her story as a nineteen year old college dropout and guides us though an eight year relationship with an older...
December 2, 2020

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