Self Forgiveness

Diane Bonilla joins Carol n Cheryl in this episode to talk about self forgiveness.  You may remember Diane from prior episodes.  See links below under resources.

Diane is a licensed professional counselor with over 25 years of clinical experience in both community mental health and private practice. She specializes in emotional regulation, stress management, work life balance, caregiver self care, grief, loss, and anxiety. Diane is a Certified Grief Informed Professional (CGP). 

We begin our conversation with why self forgiveness is so important. Cheryl shares a story about her mother and Diane points out how much self awareness and time it takes to process what happened to Cheryl. Diane breaks down the four Rs. Responsibility, repair, receive the lesson and release the negative stuff. We also discuss how powerful it is to write down what you would say to another person in the same situation and read it back to yourself. Carol shares two stories one about her father and one about her daughter. Diane highlights how the four R’s are used in these stories and walks us through self forgiveness.

Diane recommends looking into Jack Kornfield’s work on meditation and how it can aid in self awareness and forgiveness. She also recommends journalling, therapy and a whole lot more.


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